INNOPAT Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. is a professional patent and trademark agency authorized by the National Intellectual Property Administration of the People's Republic of China.


Since 2002, INNOPAT has been dedicated to excellence in the specialized practice of intellectual property law including patent, trademark and copyright law. The firm actively engages in the procurement, enforcement and litigation of intellectual property rights cooperating with foreign IP associates for international IP litigation and patent proceedings in every significant industrial country.


INNOPAT has over 10 years of experiences in image product (such as ink and toner cartridges) related worldwide patents investigation and extensive experience in consulting designing around valid Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) patents.


INNOPAT applies a pragmatic, well rounded and thorough approach to each client's intellectual property matters in an effort to obtain results consistent with their business objectives.

INNOPAT stands by the motto

IP is not only a business, but also a mission”.